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Visitor FAQs

Q. What are services like?
A. We have a variety of services, from traditional to contemporary.
Q. How should I dress?
A. We welcome you just as you are.  Some worship with shorts and t-shirts, and some are in ties and dresses.  The most important thing is to remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy as we worship God together.
Q. What's available for my kids?
A. We love to have kids worshiping God with us. There is nursery space available for those that need it.  Our youth program is very active; check out our youth pages to learn more!
Q. How long does service last?
A. Each service is approximately one hour long.
Q. Do I have to be a member to take communion?
A. God welcomes all who believe to his table. If you believe that Christ is present in the bread and the wine, you are welcome to come to the Lord's Supper.
Q. How do I become a member at First Lutheran Church?
A. Talk with pastor, and he will be glad to help you become an active member of this church family.
If you have any other questions about First Lutheran Church, do not hesitate to let us know!  Use the form below to get in touch with us.